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02nd May 2023

Driver furiously rams through Just Stop Oil protesters

Jack Peat

The group has blamed the incident on inflammatory language from politicians

A driver has been filmed furiously ramming through Just Stop Oil protesters in London.

Footage uploaded to social media shows the owner of a silver Renault ploughing through a human blockade outside Blue17 Vintage clothing on the Holloway Road.

The road is one of the main arteries connecting London to the north and would have been busy at the time of the protest.

Judging by the footage, one driver had grown fed up with the campaigners and decided to take matters into their own hands.

It shows the car barge through the activists before speeding off into the distance.

Taking to social media, Just Stop Oil posted: “After weeks of inflammatory language from politicians and right-wing media personalities, a car has finally rammed into a peaceful protest.”

Hitting out at people who suggest they should stay out of the road if they don’t want to get hurt, they added:

“Are you sure that the side you want to pick is the side of violence, of the repression of protest? What we do now determines the fate of humanity. You owe it to your children to do the right thing.”

Last week, police were forced to step in after a furious driver dragged Just Stop Oil protesters off the road.

One driver stuck in the gridlock shouted: “You’re blocking an electric car!”

In another exchange, a driver ripped away one of the group’s orange banners, shouting: “Just go – people have got to go to work” and “f— off, every single one of you”. The man then urged a lorry driver stuck at the front of the traffic jam to “just move your vehicle”.

When he then dragged and marched the activists off the road, two police officers ushered him aside and said: “If you start pushing him, that is assault, so you can’t do that. If you do that, it is a crime.”

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