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19th Oct 2015

Donald Trump reaches ‘peak Donald’ with this idiotic tweet about the weather

Trumped himself


Donald Trump really is relentless in his pursuit of the impossibly stupid.

He’s still leading the polls when it comes to choosing the next Republican nominee for President of the United States, and there’s really no point trying to figure out why.

Donald Trump’s campaign has led him to make one outlandish claim after another – from promising to build a massive wall between Mexico and the U.S. to stop immigration, to insinuating that Jeb Bush is to blame by proxy for the September 11th terrorist attacks – but many of his party’s followers still think he’d make a superb leader of the free world.

The Donald’s latest tweet is a small, yet timely, reminder that this might not be the kind of man you want dictating environmental policies that will have a massive impact on the rest of the world.