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16th Sep 2022

Dildos and lube left scattered over motorway after lorry crash

Charlie Herbert

Dildos and lube left scattered over motorway after lorry crash

‘That’ll plug up traffic for a while’

A lorry crash in the US has left dildos and lube strewn across a motorway.

The I40 in Oklahoma, USA, was forced to close for several hours after a lorry carrying boxes of dildos and lube crashed, scattering the sex-themed merchandise across the motorway.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident, but it was the goods the lorry had been carrying that quickly caught people’s attention.

In news coverage of the accident on KWTV News 9, reporter Jim Gardner can be heard saying: “There’s a semi that overturned and lost its load here.”

Yes, he really says that.

Presenter Lacey Lowery then asks Gardner whether he can make out what it is that is “all over the road,” to which he awkwardly replies: “Not really, maybe you can tell. I can’t tell.”

When the camera zooms in on the products, it becomes quite clear what they are.

According to the Lost Ogle, which covers Oklahoma City news, the crash happened near “a major adult-product-focused distribution hub.”

As you’d expect, many rushed to the comments on the post to joke about the incident.

One person wrote: “That’ll plug up traffic for a while.”

Another said: “Roads are slick, folks. Traffic probably F’d for a while.”

And a third quipped: “Sending good vibes their way.”

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