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21st Mar 2022

David Beckham hands over his 71 million followers to a Ukrainian doctor

Danny Jones

David Beckham hands over Instagram to Ukrainian doctor

Becks is providing a platform to share more important messages

David Beckham has handed over his Instagram account to a Ukrainian doctor in an effort to raise awareness of humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and how people can donate to the cause.

Acting in his UNICEF ambassadorial capacity – a role he has held since 2005 – the 46-year-old sporting icon handed over the reins of his Instagram account to Dr Iryna, the Head of the Regional Perinatal Centre in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

As he explains in the short 38-second video, Dr Iryna and her colleagues in Ukraine are helping pregnant mothers give birth safely amid the chaos and uncertainty of the Russian invasion, with the money raised by organisations like UNICEF helping to pay for vital equipment – like oxygen generators – that are essential for child delivery.

Giving Dr Iryna his 71.6 million-plus followers, Beckham directs people to his Insta stories where the doctor has been informing social media of the challenges of looking after mothers and newborns during times of war.

The first shocking image she shows is the basement where people had to evacuate to after the shelling started – Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, being one of those worst hit by artillery barrages.

Dr Iryna on David Beckham's Instagram

Iryna goes on to explain the heartbreaking conditions they have to work under, being unable to take care of babies in intensive care as they must remain where life-saving equipment is available, adding that her workday is “24/7 now. I’m here all day”.

She goes on to tell the story of Yana and her baby son, Mykhailo, who was born with breathing problems and now must remain in the bomb shelter for the foreseeable after their home was destroyed during the bombing.

This is just one of far too many stories that Dr Iryna and Beckham are trying to raise awareness around, with their final post ending with a call for others to donate to UNICEF’s crucial campaigning in the country.

You can do your bit by donating to their incredible efforts here.

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