Sanctioned Russian oligarch is scared as 'I may have to clean the house myself' 4 months ago

Sanctioned Russian oligarch is scared as 'I may have to clean the house myself'

Poor poor billionaire said no one ever

After being sanctioned by the West, a Russian oligarch is having a crisis so much he may have to clean his house himself without the cleaner.


Mikhail Fridman, who has a net worth of £7.7billion, said he doesn't "know how to live" after Western sanctions stripped his wealth.


Speaking to Bloomberg, the Russian whiner, 57, explained that he was suffering after sanctions from the European Union on February 28 and then the UK on March 15.

He said: "We sincerely believed we are such good friends of the Western world that we couldn't be punished."

Fridman co-founded London investment firm LetterOne, having previously been a board member of Russia's Alfa-Bank.

He believed that his relationship with Western countries was so sound that he wouldn't be sanctioned, dubbing the legislation as "groundless and unfair." Fridman argues that "I've never been in any state company or state position", and so doesn't have any effect on the Kremlin's decisions.


"If the people who are in charge in the EU believe that because of sanctions, I could approach Mr Putin and tell him to stop the war, and it will work, then I'm afraid we're all in big trouble.

"That means those who are making this decision understand nothing about how Russia works."


"I don't know how to live," he said. "I may have to clean the house myself."

Further explaining his situation, he said: "When I was a student, I lived in a small room in a dormitory with four men. But after 35 years, it's unexpected."

He further claimed to have a monthly allowance of £2,500, and he can't spend money without applying for a special license. His net wealth dropped considerably following Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24, having fallen to a measly £3.4 billion from the previously mentioned £7.7billion.


Seriously, get some tissues because the tears are close.

He had previously spoken on the "tragedy" of Ukraine but hadn't condemned Russia's actions whatsoever.

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