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06th Jul 2023

Cat with ‘quirky’ features is still searching for her forever home as no one will adopt her

Steve Hopkins

‘Her quirky eye adds to her beauty’

A charity is struggling to find a forever home for a cat that has a “quirky” feature.

Paws and Whiskers Charity (PAWS) has put out an appeal for Lily, who was born blind in her left eye.

The Sussex rescue cat has been in PAWS care after her owner was no longer able to look after her.

Staff have been working hard to find Lily a home but have not had any luck and have recently posted a number of appeals on Facebook.

PAWS director and Lily’s foster carer, Lynda Humphrey-Stack, told ITV: “Lily was born blind in her left eye. No-one knows why and there are no ongoing health needs associated with it. I think her quirky eye adds to her beauty.”

Lynda said Lily’s “only requirement is a quiet area away from busy roads or a secure garden/patio for safety reasons. She would also be happy to remain indoors.”

Lily is six-years-old and according to a post on PAWS website, she “quickly warms up to new people”, despite initially coming across as shy.

“Her favourite activity is being brushed which has been a brilliant bonding exercise for her in foster,” the post reads.

In foster care, Lily lives with other cats and dogs and will co-exist, “preferring to watch from a distance” and can also live with children.

“She would happily be an only cat or live with other animals who will leave her be for the most part,” the post reads.

“She has a lovely relationship with the children, aged 6 and 9. Lily can live with calm children who will allow her to approach on her own terms – she will come running at the sight of her brush! “

PAWS was set up during the covid lockdown in 2021, when a group of animal lovers decided to stop volunteering for another charity due to welfare concerns, and set up their own with the animals’ health and happiness at the forefront.

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