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22nd Jun 2017

Bus drivers banned from wearing shorts to work, show up in skirts instead

Paul Moore

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

The heatwave is making us all go a bit crazy and we’re probably all aware about the story of call centre worker Joey Barge. If you haven’t heard, Joey was sent home from work after turning up in shorts.

Rather than suffer in sweaty silence, Joey did the next best thing by channeling that moment when David Beckham decided to wear a sarong in public.

Joey, we salute you.

Well, as good as Joey looks while rocking this dress, there’s always a certain je ne sais quoi about our French friends across the English Channel.

In the region of Nantes, bus drivers have started to wear skirts to work because their company have decided to ban shorts during this stifling heatwave.

The staff have stated that their regular attire is “not appropriate” for such high temperatures and that they “envy women at moments like this”.

Speaking with Presse Océan, the bus drivers stated: “Given that skirts are an authorised outfit in the company, we are wearing skirts.  This is a form of discrimination. Women drivers can wear skirts, but not the men. In this heatwave, the temperatures are reaching close to 50C behind our windscreens. And given we have no air conditioning on our buses, it’s unbearable.”

Further proof that necessity is the mother of invention.