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25th Apr 2022

Brits set for freezing temperatures as low as -5C for coldest May in 25 years

Danny Jones

UK set for coldest May in 25 years

Just when we were getting used to some sunshine

Plunging temperatures are set to bring Britain’s coldest May in 25 years, with thermometers expected to drop below -5C degrees.

Despite enjoying a recent uptick in sunshine over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond of WEATHERTRENDING said: “The mercury will go into reverse, with a cooler trend to end April”.

He went on to add that “fresh waves of Arctic air mean a good chance, even across southern Britain, of temperatures falling close to or below freezing”.

Speaking on the weather outlet’s Twitter account on Sunday evening, he warned that “one or two wintry showers are not ruled out later in the week, most likely on higher ground in the North”, but it seems as though the brighter springtime weather in April may be drawing to a close, with a colder start to May on the way.

Consultant meteorologist Matt Hugo told the Mirror about the possibility that we could be getting “the coldest start to May in quite some time”, adding that “northerly weather into early May is gaining traction.”

According to best estimates, the previous coldest May temperature was recorded at Heathrow Airport in 1997, with the terminals clocking in at -1.8C. However, the potential sub-zero drop will mean the UK is colder than Stockholm’s current 3C nights.

Nevertheless, it is thought many may manage to avoid the icy blasts. London is set to continue enjoying the return of warmer weather with a few days forecast for temperatures around 17C. Elsewhere, a northeasterly wind-chill will mean highs of 11-16C will feel more like 9-14C.

Recently the UK has been enjoying nicer weather than some parts of Europe, with Brits on Sunday, April 24 clocking in at highs of 18C while the Algarve, Portgual managed just 17C with showers.

However, if meteorologists have anything to say about it, the sunny weather will soon be cut short with temperatures plummeting in full force come next month.

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