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07th Jul 2023

British holidaymaker shows how you can fly to Dubai for £64

Jack Peat

He says filling up his car sets him back more

A British holidaymaker flew to Dubai for £64 – less than the cost of filling up a car with fuel.

Callum Ryan, 22, got a Wizz Air flight from Luton to Sofia in Bulgaria for £21.99, before flying to Abu Dhabi with the same airline for £35.16.

A bus from the airport to Dubai set him back £7.51, making his total travel spend one way £64.66.

In comparison, the average cost of filling up a 55 litre Ford Focus with petrol sits at £79.13, according to the most recent figures on

But Callum says filling up his car costs £120.


The social media content creator took the trip to see a friend and catch some sunshine – and as part of a series of budget holiday challenges.

Callum, from Milton Keynes, said: “It was my second time visiting Dubai – I have always wanted to go back.

“Dubai is a crazy city so to go back for such a small price, as cheap as it was, it was a no-brainer for me.

@thatonecal Do you think it was worth the price!?.. 🇦🇪 I can’t believe how close it was 😰 #thatonecal #dubai #viral #cheapflight ♬ original sound – Callum Ryan

“I will definitely do it again.

“When I got there I made the most of Dubai with my friend.

“We went to a water park, an off-road excursion and to the mall – it was a crazy experience.”


Callum set off from Luton on June 2 and arrived in Bulgaria the next day, eventually reaching Dubai at 11.11pm.

He checked in to Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai for four nights which worked out at £21.75 per night, because he split the bill with his pal.

Callum returned to the UK on June 7, and his return journey totalled £72.85.

He took a different route with Wizz Air, stopping off in Albania.


Callum has made sure he offset all of the emissions of the trip.

In March he flew to Spain for a pint for £10 – less than a box of Estrella from Morrisons which cost £15.

He also went on a spa day to Budapest for less than $10 in April.

Callum can be found on TikTok @thatonecal

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