British Airways flight is among many diverted from Istanbul 4 years ago

British Airways flight is among many diverted from Istanbul

Multiple flights to Istanbul have been diverted following reports that the Turkish military has taken control of the city's main airport.

Military tanks have reportedly seized control of Ataturk International Airport, with forces claiming they now control the country.

British Airways flight BA680 from Heathrow has turned back, according to Sky's Alastair Bunkall, while the website for Ataturk International is inaccessible at the time of writing.

British Airways has confirmed that the flight has been diverted to Sofia, Bulgaria.

According to the @airlivenet Twitter account, which provides live updates on air traffic, all outbound flights have been cancelled and many - if not all - incoming flights have been diverted. At the time of writing, it is unclear whether a small number of Turkish Airlines flights were able to land at the airport.

FlightRadar reports that the last flight out of Istanbul, an Onur Air flight to Elazig, left Ataturk Airport at approximately 10pm UK time. Further international flights are believed to have been grounded, according to unconfirmed reports.

Flights operated by British Airways and KLM have both been confirmed as having been diverted, and both airlivenet and FlightRadar are among the Twitter accounts providing real-time updates.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has confirmed that the British Embassy is monitoring the developing situation, and encouraged any British nationals to follow the advice of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

The latest statement from the site, at the time of writing, encourages British nationals to 'avoid public places, remain vigilant and monitor FCO travel advice'.