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08th Mar 2017

Brazilian football club mark International Women’s Day with special messages on their shirts

'a rape every 11 minutes'


Brazilian club Cruzeiro will mark International Women’s Day by wearing special shirts in their cup game against Murici/AL.

Each jersey will feature a specially commissioned squad number and a message highlighting some of the challenges faced by Brazilian women.

Messages such as ‘a woman killed every two hours’, ‘a rape every 11 minutes’ and ‘salaries 30% lower’ will be seen on the shirts, which were arranged in partnership with AzMina – a non-profit organisation that seeks to promote female empowerment throughout Brazil.

This isn’t the first time that Cruzeiro, one of the country’s most successful clubs, have backed a campaign tackling injustice and inequality in Brazilian society. Gilvan de Pinho Tavares, the Belo Horizonte-based club’s president, said that it was important for them to continue to lend their support such campaigns when announcing the initiative on Wednesday.

“In the 21st century, it is not tolerable to see women suffer acts of violence and discrimination,” heexplained.

“With this action, we join all who combat inequalities against people of the feminine sex. This is one of the social roles that big fan clubs must always be developing.

“International Women’s Day is not just a moment to bring to the surface all the characteristics of inequality that still exist in Brazil and the world, but it is also a moment of awareness of other aspects related to women. It’s important to have a moment of this, where you can bring up such important and women-related issues.”

Well said and well done, Cruzeiro.

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