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07th Apr 2015

‘Big and tattooed’ naked man storms Dundee Toys R Us

20 shoppers tried to tackle the naked man who was waving a cricket bat...


A man allegedly crashed his car outside a Toys R Us branch before stripping naked and running through the shop brandishing a cricket bat.

In what was the Bank Holiday’s weirdest news story, police say the man was reported to have driven his car into a shopping trolley park in Dundee’s Kingsway West Retail Park before getting into (out of?) his birthday suit and stomping into Toys R Us waving a cricket bat on Easter Sunday afternoon.

Around 20 people tried to tackle the toy shop streaker and pin down the ‘bulky and tatooed’ man, who was “ranting and raving in a foreign language” and chasing customers, witnesses say.

H/t: The Metro