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14th Apr 2017

Astonishing pictures from the Philippines show Christians being nailed to crosses in Good Friday ritual

Be warned, the images contained in this story are extremely graphic


With Christians around the world preparing for Easter, incredible images from the Philippines have shown how some go to extreme lengths to mark the festival.

**Be warned, the images that follow are extremely graphic.**

On Good Friday, the day on which Christians remember Jesus’ crucifixion, some Filipinos have their hands and feet nailed to wooden crosses to honour the suffering of Christ.

Events such as the one featured in most of these photos – which takes place in San Pedro Cutud village in San Fernando – occur around the Philippines on Good Friday.

As well as being nailed to the crosses, some Christians have their backs flayed with metal chains, to the point where they are bloodied.

According to the Daily Mail, local Catholic leaders have condemned these rituals in the past, whereas health officials also disapprove. Despite this, the devout worshippers have refused to give the ritual up, and taking part in it is seen as a great honour amongst some of their communities.