As Britons get poorer, billionaires get richer and richer 1 year ago

As Britons get poorer, billionaires get richer and richer

The richest have profited during this crisis

There have been many, many, many talking points throughout the coronavirus, and most recently that is Marcus Rashford's battle to secure an extension of free school meal vouchers for children from lower income families during the summer.


The Manchester United forward had to campaign for an extended period of time, and continue after his initial plea was rejected by our prime minister, before the government relented and said 'Yes, we actually will stop children from starving. If we must'.

it's interesting to note, however, that this government did not show such hesitation when it came to handing significantly larger sums of money to businesses owned by billionaires during this crisis.

While Britain's poorer families stressed over whether their children would eat during the summer, British billionaires placed staff on furlough, with the government fronting the majority of the bill.


Considering how much money they've made during lockdown, will British billionaires now pay that money back?