Scotland announces new round of tighter Covid-19 restrictions 3 weeks ago

Scotland announces new round of tighter Covid-19 restrictions

The measures have been in place in the west of the country for the past three weeks

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced fresh coronavirus guidelines on Tuesday afternoon and confirmed that from Wednesday visiting other households will not be permitted in the country.

Sturgeon stated that data had suggested that such policies, which were implemented in the west of Scotland a number of weeks ago, had started to lead to a reduction of cases in the region.

A number of exemptions will apply for the guideline, Sturgeon said, including for those living alone - or alone with children - who form extended households, for couples in non-cohabiting relationships, for informal childcare such as relatives looking after your children, and for tradespeople.

Sturgeon also announced that the government would provide a £500 support grant for people on low incomes who have to self isolate.

The First Minister's announcement comes hours after Boris Johnson announced tighter restrictions across England in a bid to halt a rise in cases.

Johnson's new guidelines include the closure of all pubs and restaurants at 10pm, a maximum of 15 people at weddings, a £200 fine for those found to be not wearing a mask in a required location, as well as fines of £10,000 for people who fail to self-isolate while suffering from symptoms of Covid-19.