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03rd Jun 2020

Dissecting David Guetta’s tone deaf George Floyd tribute

Rich Cooper

“Shout out to his family”

When something tragic happens, something which catches the attention of a large number of people, we see tributes flooding out. The vast majority of these are well meaning and, often, quite emotional.

Unfortunately though, some people are unable to sense the tone of grief and of sadness, and end up creating tributes which are incredibly inappropriate and tone deaf.

This is where David Guetta fits into things. The French DJ streams a live set online over the weekend and decided to dedicate a song to George Floyd and his bereaved family.

This itself sounds like a questionable idea, and then he did that tribute in the form of mixing Martin Luther King’s famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.

We decided to try and dissect what Guetta was doing in an attempt to figure out what was going through his mind.