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25th Apr 2017

Liam Gallagher got a nuclear roasting when people guessed what his new album sounds like

"Like a cat with its balls trapped in a lift."

Rich Cooper

You either love Liam Gallagher or you hate Liam Gallagher.

Or you don’t really care about Liam Gallagher, which is an entirely reasonable position to take. Nevertheless, if you enjoy music of a popular variety, his name will crop up from time to time.

You might be aware that he’s got a solo album on the way, his first since the breakup of Oasis and his follow-up band Beady Eye. NME put out a tweet inviting speculation as to what Gallagher’s new album might sound like.

Now we don’t know if NME were deliberately stoking the flames or if it was just an innocent tweet, but some of the responses to the question have been nothing less then brutal.

But not all of the comments were negative, some of them were actually quite complimentary and positive.

Oh no, wait, no. They were literally all slagging it off.

It’s a bit harsh, to be honest. For all these people know, Liam Gallagher could release the greatest album of all time, but even if it sounds like a man being hit with a fish, hey – it could have been worse.