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02nd Jul 2016

Frank Ocean’s new album is coming out this month… Maybe

Carl Anka

One year. One entire calendar year. That’s how long music fans have waiting for Frank Ocean to release his sophomore album “Boy’s Don’t Cry”.

Frank, a former member of Odd Future, announced last year that his second album would be released in July.

So fans waited.

And waited.

And waited.

A whole year passed with nary a peep. Not an album cover. Not a single. Not even the magazine that Frank promised us. Nothing.

Frank Ocean’s album became a meme. A mythical creature. It joined other infamous albums that would never arrive, like Detox and Jay Electronica’s album.

Frank would pop up hanging out with Kanye and James Blake but would not release the album.

But this weekend… Frank did something. Finally.


This morning on his Boys Don’t Cry website, Ocean shared a new post titled ‘Late’ —with an image of an overdue library slip with a years worth of postponements.

The announcement sent music fans into a frenzy. Already Reddit users have speculated that the July 2016 date could see the launch of the album, while the November 2016, date could see the long rumoured magazine that Frank Ocean also promised us.

Will it happen? Maybe. We’ll be listening to “Novacane” while we wait.

Feature image (Photo by Tyler Kaufman/FilmMagic)


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