Mortified BBC presenter accidentally insults Rick Astley to his face 1 year ago

Mortified BBC presenter accidentally insults Rick Astley to his face

Never gonna give you, never gonna let you down, never gonna embarrass you live on national TV

We've all been there. You are just minding your own business, doing the weather on BBC News, when out of nowhere, someone asks you if you are a Rick Astley fan.


And you think nothing of it. You don't lie, you answer truthfully. "Not a massive one," you reply.

And then of course, it turns out that Rick Astley himself is listening in, and you have just embarrassed yourself in front to him.

That is what happened to BBC weather presenter Matt Taylor on BBC Breakfast on Tuesday morning. Just watch:

Rick Astley was a guest on BBC Breakfast on Tuesday morning, and presenter Charlie Stayt thought it would be a good link to ask Matt Taylor if he was a fan as he finished his bulletin. Obviously, it turned out to not be a good idea at all.


Stayt quickly tried to smooth things over though. "That was the wrong thing to say," Stayt exclaimed, "Because he's listening, and he's coming up in just a moment."

"He's listening in! He heard everything you said, Matt!"

"I'll ask you again."

Given a chance to make up for his embarrassment, Taylor this time replied "Love Rick Astley. He's the best. Grew up with him."

It then cut to Rick Astley himself, on video call, who seemed to find the whole thing just very funny, and was laughing away.


Astley even tweeted later, saying that everything was good between him and Matt Taylor.

"All is forgiven," the singer tweeted.


Rick Astley was on the show to promote his new single, 'Every One of Us', featuring the BBC Sports Personality of the Year's 'Unsung Heroes'.

100% of the record label's profits from this single are going to benefit BBC Children in Need.