You can now book UK safaris where you can watch giraffes from your room 8 months ago

You can now book UK safaris where you can watch giraffes from your room

Take our bankcards - we want giraffes!

You can now book a UK-based safari where you can experience a taste of Africa and eat your breakfast surrounded by giraffes.


Shows like Wild at Heart made the world fall in love with the idea of an African safari, with animals like elephants, lions and zebra appearing as frequently as the common pigeons we're use to seeing in boring regular life.


Well, now you can live that fantasy without even leaving the UK - weather permitting, of course.

Luxury lodges at West Midlands Safari Park come complete with an open-plan living room, speciality robes and floor-to-ceiling windows. What's more, the park has recently added giraffes to its impressive list of bunk-buddies - with previous lodges overlooking elephants, cheetahs and red pandas.

The giraffe lodges will open from April 2022 alongside similar housing overlooking the park's white rhinos. Alongside the stunning views, guests will also receive breakfast, dinner and admission to both the park and its accompanying theme park for two full days.

These new additions were announced earlier this year, alongside upgrades to animal enclosures so they can access both indoor and outdoor areas 24/7. New paths have also been installed to allow guests to get up close and personal with the park's giraffes and elephants.


Cheetah The Cheetah Lodge/Via West Midlands Safari Park

"This will see new habitats, housing and facilities being built for our giraffes and white rhinos, enabling our brilliant team of wildlife keepers to continue the high standard of care they provide for our animals," Managing Director Chris Kelly said earlier this year.

"Alongside the new animal facilities, we will be installing eight new lodges, four of which will offer spectacular views of the white rhinos, with the other half bringing you face-to-face with our beautiful giraffes, from the second-storey balconies."


With prices from £490, you certainly get a lot for your money - but if giraffes aren't your thing, then you'll be glad to know that the park is planning a similar lodge dedicated to tigers.

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