World's 'strongest-ever' ecstasy pill found in UK club 7 months ago

World's 'strongest-ever' ecstasy pill found in UK club

Drug testing experts believe this is the biggest Ecstasy pill on record

Drug analysts at Manchester Metropolitan University have found what they believe to be the strongest-ever ecstasy pill.


Mandrake Image via MANDRAKE

The super thick, heavy, diamond-shaped pill was found to contain 477mg of MDMA, which is four to five times more than regular ecstasy pills, reports Vice.


The pill itself weighed 650mg, which is “significantly heavier than normal”, according to MANDRAKE, the drug-testing lab at the university.

This record-breaking pill, named Blue Punisher, was tested along with others that showed MDMA content ranging from 397mg to 477mg.


Obtained and confiscated from bouncers in Manchester, analysts found that a total of six pills from one bag contained 477mg of MDMA each.

Blue Punisher pills, engraved with the Marvel anti-hero logo of the same name, are constantly found to contain high amounts of psychoactive drugs reports suggest.

This news comes as last week an inquest heard how 19-year-old Harley Girven died after taking “triple strength” Blue Punisher pills on a night out in 2019.

A spokesperson for, a US-based drug analysis lab, told Vice that the pill was “stronger than any pill recorded on”. The previous record was held by a purple Philipp Plein skull pill from Austria in 2020, containing 366mg of MDMA.


“This is a new world record. Impossible to rule out that a stronger one has ever been made, but the number of pills over 400mg with a public test result could be counted on one hand,” said drug analysis expert Guy Jones.

“I’d guess it’s more likely to be a cock-up than intentional. Maybe the boss went out to lunch and the junior was left in charge of the [pill] press and got the consistency wrong. The variations in width [of this batch] suggest the inconsistency of amateur pressing,” said Fiona Measham, director at drug testing NGO, The Loop.

Measham continued to say that this pill “illustrates just how dangerous the lack of information [about MDMA content of pills] can be”.

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