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09th Jun 2022

Woman who caught STI from ex after having sex in his car gets £4m payout from his insurance company

Charlie Herbert

A three-judge panel has upheld the claim

A woman has been awarded a £4m insurance payout after she caught a sexually transmitted disease from her ex-boyfriend after they had sex in his car.

The pair were together in the man’s 2014 Hyundai Genesis, with the woman later finding out she had caught HPV, the human papillomavirus, from him after their encounter in the vehicle.

She decided to notify the General Insurance Company (GEICO) in February 2021 that she wanted to seek monetary damages after allegedly catching an STI from an insured member in his car, court papers show.

The woman argued that the man had infected her despite knowing he had the STI and the risk that he could pass it on, Yahoo News reports.

The insurance company rejected the claim though, with the case then sent to arbitration.

Last May, the arbitration at Jackson County Circuit Court found the man was liable for not disclosing that he was infected and the woman was handed $5.2m (£4m) in damages. This was to be paid by GEICO.

GEICO had appealed the initial judgement which ruled they should pay the woman $5.2m (Missouri Courts)

But the company declined the settlement. They asked for a new hearing and for the compensation to be scrapped. They claimed the judgement violated the company’s rights to due process and the arbitration agreement was unenforceable.

This was denied at the Missouri Court of Appeals though after a three-judge panel found GEICO did not have a right to “relitigate those issues” once damages had been determined and a judgment was entered.

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