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06th Jan 2022

Woman carries escaped lion down street after animal gets free

Danny Jones

Woman carrying lion

This. Is. Wild – Quite literally

In a video we certainly weren’t ready for this early into 2022, a woman has gone viral on social media after footage of her carrying a lion with her bare hands was caught by an onlooker.

Captured on the streets of Sabahiya, just south of Kuwait’s eponymous capital city, the as-yet-unidentified woman can be seen carrying the flailing lion which had escaped from its home.

Story behind it aside, this woman literally has more guts than anyone in any room:

The big cat is said to have been owned by the girl and her father (various exotic pets are legal in the country) and simply got loose. Once again, while is not illegal, further footage online sadly shows the pet being dragged along by a rope wrapped around its head and making distressed noises as it struggles.

Pet lion KuwaitArab Times Online

We’re not usually big on telling people what to do with their pets – looking after them should pretty much be a given for everyone – but here’s an idea: maybe don’t keep what is instinctually a wild and potentially dangerous animal? Certainly not if it’s going to be let loose to wander the streets.

Elsewhere in the world, a zoo in France was forced to close after nine wolves escaped and that was in a location where they are designed to be kept inside – these folks are just keeping their lion in their gaff.

Luckily, having thought to be raised by this family since it was a cub, this one didn’t go all Joe Exotic on us – but it still baffles how some people literally go out of their way to try and tame animals that could literally eat them.

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