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30th Oct 2023

Woman accidentally flashes entire playground of kids through bathroom window

Callum Boyle

She never initially realised

A woman was left shell-shocked after she received a letter through her door from the school opposite her to inform of her accidental error.

Meg explained that the letter had been posted while she had been asleep.

After initially thinking that the letter may be to do with construction, she was left mortified when she realised it was addressed “specifically for me”.

Speaking about the incident on TikTok, she said: I want you to put yourself in my shoes as I read this to you,” before reading the later.

It said: “Dear resident. 

“I’m sorry to have to write to you on such a sensitive subject but felt it appropriate to make you aware that your bathroom window can be easily viewed from our nursery playground.

“In the circumstances, we wondered if you would consider purchasing a blind for the window to avoid any embarrassment on behalf of either yourself or our children.”


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Reacting to the letter, Meg said: “I had no idea that they were able to see in. I don’t know what they’ve seen. I don’t know how often they’ve seen it.

“I was so embarrassed leaving the house because I have to face the school.

“How much did they have to see before they sent me this? How much? How often? Where? When?

“I was flabbergasted when I read this this morning, and I was like, right, I guess I can never leave my house again, because they know it’s me.”

She then continued, jokingly saying she was considering moving away.

“I mean, I’ll never open my blinds again, I tell you that…

“I’m sorry to the school next door.”

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