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18th Oct 2019

Personality Test: What percent boujee are you?

Ciara Knight

BOUJIE/BOUJEE/BOUGIE – THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT SPELLINGS SO LET’S NOT ARGUE describes ‘Boujee’ as “hip-hop slang for something luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character”.

The matter of the fact is that we all exhibit boujee tendencies, usually around payday, or at all times if you are both filthy and stinking rich.

For example, let’s say you’re buying a coffee. The barista tries to upsell you a pastry and you indulge because there is a sliver of gold dusting atop the cronut and it speaks to your very soul. That is a boujee move. You don’t regret it. In fact, you feel that you deserve nice things. This was a good choice, in your eyes.

The problem arises when your boujee lifestyle is operating on constant. A little bouje here and there is fine, in fact, it’s healthy. But if you’re regularly splurging out on fabric softener because you like the way it makes your clothes smell, we’ve got a big and potentially irreversible problem on our hands.

So, what percent boujee are you? Let’s find out, champ.