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12th Aug 2017

This guy’s real life ghost story on Twitter is scarier than most horror movies

Enjoy never sleeping again

Rory Cashin

This gave us the creeps.

We all love a good ghost story, but there’s something about someone genuinely freaked out and looking for help online that really makes the hairs on the back of our necks stand up.

Adam Ellis (who calls himself @MobyDickhead on Twitter) starting tweeting his story early this week, and he got right into the deep end of it:

Oh….. kay. That’s not ideal, but maybe he’s just freaked himself out and overthinking something?


Maybe he’s just somehow pitching his idea for a short horror story online?

Well… that is genuinely disturbing. We’d be freaked out too.


Oh. Oh no. No thank you. No.


Well, at least he woke up. That’s some scary stuff, but it appears to be over now, right?


Okay, completely freaked out. We’ve got a real Candyman/The Ring thing going on here, with rules and everything. Avoid avoid avoid.

Of course, poor Adam has no say in the matter, and the story continues…


And that’s two questions and that should be when Adam stops asking questions and everything should be just fi-




We’re not sure we’d ever be able to sleep again. We’re not sure we’ll even be even to sleep knowing this story, and it isn’t even happening to us!

And everyone lived happily ever after, right?


Oh, here we go…

Adam went quiet for two days, meaning either (A) it all blew over, or (B) Dear David found him and he was not super alive anymore.

Then he returned to Twitter to give us an update on the situation…

Cats are inherently evil anyway (ask anyone who doesn’t own a cat, they’ll tell you), so we’re not sure we’d trust their instincts.

However, things don’t stop there…

Well that f*cking cat can’t be helping any!

And so each and every night since the began tweeting, the cats have been at the door, freaking their owner out.

And as of now, that is where we are. Adam is alive and well and still super haunted.

On the plus side, if Adam does survive this, he’s got some, uhm, supporters…