Turns out we've been pronouncing Ralph Lauren wrong all this time 5 years ago

Turns out we've been pronouncing Ralph Lauren wrong all this time

So now we know.

When it comes to the pronunciation of various products and brands people often have differing opinions. For instance, we've all been pronouncing Zara and Asos the wrong way.


Another brand which gets people confused is Ralph Lauren. With this one, there are usually only two variations, Ralph LAUren, like the girl's name, or Ralph LauREN.

And now we've finally got confirmation on the exact way to pronounce it.

Over ten years ago Tovah Silbermann wrote to the clothing brand to find out the real pronunciation following an argument with a classmate. After receiving a response she was relieved to find out that she was correct with her pronunciation as "Ralph LAUren".

The general manager, Benjamin Lisi, wrote back to her saying:

"Thank you for your letter... I have been working for Ralph Lauren for 13 years and spend a lot of time with Ralph Lauren (the man) during the summer months, and I would like to assure you that the way you are pronouncing his name is correct. As you put it, “LAUren,” like a girl’s name."

"This is the way he pronounces it along with everyone in his company and throughout the fashion world. It is a common mistake that a lot of people make, even on the East Coast. Hopefully this letter will clear up any mistakes your friends have been making."

Read the full letter here:


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