'Time Traveller' offers chilling warning about the near future 3 years ago

'Time Traveller' offers chilling warning about the near future

Nothing puts you in the mood for the weekend quite like the threat of nuclear war in the not-too-distant future, right?

So, without further ado, let us point you in the direction of a chilling warning given to us, the people of Earth in 2018, by some bloke pretending claiming to be from the future.


Yep, not for the first time in recent weeks, another YouTube video is doing the rounds, claiming to show some time traveller fella who reckons things are going to kick right off very soon.

The not-very-futuristic-sounding 'Michael Phillips' claims to have been born in 2043. In a video which has been posted on ApexTV, Mike tells us that a short nuclear war will take place in 2019 between the US and North Korea. This ends when President Trump drops a few nuclear tipped cruise missiles, killing Kim Jong-un.

Sadly for us, this will by no means be the end of matter. Nope, instead, these events will spark World War III in 2020.

"Russia and China were against the UK and America and a few other countries," he says. "It was all in all a very fast but brutal war.

"Countless millions were killed. Nuclear weapons were used, but just in a limited capacity thankfully - just battlefield weapons."

Lovely stuff.


Mike claims he's come back in time to warn us all of this impending doom. We're sure everyone reading this will take his words *very* seriously.

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