TikToker goes viral for getting face tattoo thinking it would 'fade' 7 months ago

TikToker goes viral for getting face tattoo thinking it would 'fade'

"Nah, I think I f**ked up."

A woman has gone viral after tattooing her own face thinking they would fade.


British mum-of-one Jamie (@jamiiee.2) posted a video captioned "if I don't laugh I'll cry", revealing her unfortunate error.

In the TikTok video, she wrote “It’s fine they will fade”, then said “Nah I think I f**ked up”.

The clip has racked up almost 230,000 likes and been viewed 1.8 million times.

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Jamie tattooed herself using the classic DIY "stick and poke" method.

The face tattoo is apparently meant to imitate her zodiac constellation and that of her daughters, but many have mistaken the markings for freckles.


People had a lot of questions in the comments, and the reaction to the face tattoo was certainly mixed. One person simply asked: "Girl why lol?" Another added: “Why did you think this was a good idea?”

But some were far more supportive and said that they looked good on her, writing "OK but why do I love them” and “weirdly enough it doesn’t look bad though”.

Jamie had posted a video of her giving herself the tattoos, and has since kept her followers updated on her progress.

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As you can probably tell from the videos, she's a fan of tattoos and already has multiple.

Addressing some of the backlash and abuse she has received because of the tattoos she said that she tried not to let her it affect her, that and her dad actually liked them and that "people are actually mad at me because they couldn’t pull it off”.

Jamie told her followers they would fade over time and said she will exfoliate her skin every day to help hurry the process.

She's since told her followers that the face tattoos will eventually fade and that she will exfoliate her skin to help quicken the process.

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