This is why the chocolate in your advent calendar tastes so different 4 years ago

This is why the chocolate in your advent calendar tastes so different

You're not going mad.

Believe it or not, there is actually a reason why the little chocolates in your advent calendar taste so different.


Whether or not you prefer the taste, you probably recognise there are some qualities you won’t recognise in your average chocolate bar.

Now Mental Floss have gone and worked out exactly what the differences in shape and size have to do with your tastebuds.

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While buying from some brands mean you’ll have the same taste guaranteed, a ‘themed’ or generic chocolate calendar probably presents itself with a different chocolate experience.

According to Mental Floss, the change in taste is due to two factors – the size of the chocolates and the ingredients.

As the pieces are bite-sized, mostly with rounded corners and an embossed shape on top, the design means the chocolate will melt quickly on your tongue, creating a more intense chocolate taste.

Also, science has proven that eating just one piece per day often means people savour the taste for longer.


However, if you’ve felt that your chocolate isn’t up to par, it could be that your ingredients aren’t up to scratch.

The chocolate used in many advent calendars are actually made of compound chocolate, which means it's made with cheaper fats than cocoa butter.

Compound chocolate is also much easier to work into moulds – making it ideal for fitting into the various shapes and doors of a small calendar.

It also has a slightly different flavour and texture than most other chocolate, again adding to why it seems so different.


So proof that you weren’t crazy.

You just know your chocolate.