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11th Jul 2019

The Simpsons house has been reimagined by interior designers

Kyle Picknell

Marge and Homer haven’t touched the place in 30 years, but this is what 742 Evergreen Terrace would look like if it was given a makeover

It’s telling that most of us will be able to perfectly picture the interior of the iconic home of The Simpsons – 742 Evergreen Terrace – simply by closing our eyes and imagining it. After all, we’ve spent three decades looking inside that house. The first was spent watching Seasons 1-10. And, well, the other two were also spent Seasons 1-10 because, after that, let’s face it, it just wasn’t The Simpsons anymore.

Whereas it remains untouched in the programme itself, teamed up with interior designer Pat McNulty to give the house a makeover, incorporating all of the current trends taking the, er, interior design world by storm.

Let’s have a nose around, shall we?

The Living Room

Here’s how you remember it, along with an ever so slightly more detailed painting of a boat.

And here is the modernised version, complete with a fancy new drinks trolley, chandelier, a rounded brass coffee table and lamp as well as ‘dusty-rose’ coloured walls, which I am reliably informed are, in fact, ‘in’.

Even the iconic sofa, complete with Homer’s arse indent, has been replaced by a sharp blue velvet number.

The Kitchen

The iconic dayglo-coloured kitchen has been given a completely metallic makeover and I honestly hate it. It just looks like every modern kitchen you’ve ever been in.

First off though, soak in the old one, in all its retro glory.

And now look at this, soulless, cold makeover:

The only touch I do like is the crates of Duff in the corner. That fridge was iconic, man. How dare you.

The master bedroom

Ok, I have to hold my hands up. This one looks a thousand times better. Exhibit A:

And Exhibit B:

They call it ‘industrial chic’. I call it: wooden flooring and lots of grey. But even so, the wall-mounted plasma TV and bear-feet slippers are very, very Homer.

The bathroom

The bathroom is probably the least memorable of all the rooms in The Simpsons household, partly because Homer and Marge had their own ensuite, which looked pretty much exactly like this but with a kind of peachy shade of tiling.

And for the makeover, they’ve gone all Scandinavian-spa vibes on us. Completely understandable, of course. I mean just look at those rose petals.

Lisa’s bedroom

They’ve nailed Lisa’s bedroom and turned this…

… into this. The greenery, the sunlit balcony (although I’m not sure where that has come from in fairness) and the reclaimed wooden desk in the corner are all great touches.

Bart’s room

Fittingly, Bart’s redesigned room is far more ostentatious.

Whilst pretty similar to Lisa’s room originally, his room gets transformed into this geometric madness:

He gets Pop Art prints, bold colours thrown against a space-age black and grey base and lots of spiky, angular furniture to go with his spiky, angular head. Together it makes a pretty cool room in the end, not gonna lie.

Maggie’s room

Maggie’s nursery in the actual show is agonisingly basic. Take out the toys and it’s like the inside of the prison cell. There is nothing to it.

In response, for the makeover they’ve gone a) very gender-neutral and b) fairly grandiose with the furniture.

It’s a very classy room, no doubt about it, but is it fun for a baby? I’m not so sure. It looks a bit like a London art gallery exhibit.

And that, unfortunately, concludes our tour.

Have a look at if you want to learn how to decorate your homes properly, or, alternatively, just take my advice and the advice of the early Simpsons artists: make everything in your entire house bright pink or luminous green and live the rest of your life basically living inside a cartoon.