21 things you'll remember if you were a teenage greebo 1 year ago

21 things you'll remember if you were a teenage greebo

1. If the music wasn't heavy, you weren't interested



2. Slipknot, Metallica, Muse, Avenged Sevenfold - that was real music



3. Pop music was commercial trash. The very worst thing you could listen to was pop music



4. You'd try to put your music on at parties, only to get shut down by your non-greebo mates


In retrospect, heavy metal isn't the best music to dance to. Not that kind of dancing, anyway.


5. The whole purpose of life was to go to gigs



6. And the whole purpose of gigs was to mosh



7. Circle pits, walls of death - there was nothing better than throwing your sweaty body into other sweaty bodies


8. Long hair was an essential as a greebo


Yes, I am ashamed to say that is me.


9. Your t-shirts were primarily black and covered in band logos


Photo: @ooooo_sendai


10. Your jeans were baggy, never tight


Photo: Chapendra


11. Your shorts were 3/4 length, never shortGettyImages-733028

Photo: George DeSota / Newsmakers


12. Your backpack and jackets were covered in patches and studs


Photo: @ExecutiveOtaku


13. You never went anywhere without a chain hanging off your jeans


Photo: @BSmithandCo


14. You were most definitely NOT an emo

not an emo

Photo: Diego DeNicola


15. Nor were you a goth - they're completely different

not a goth

Photo: Rama

If everyone's going to insist on dissing us for the way we dress, at least diss us properly.


16. Chavs were your sworn enemy

Photo: Chris Idle

They were the only ones who actually called you a greebo, really.


17. Reading/Leeds and Download were your version of Valhalla


Photo: Kashk


18. Remember 2008 when Rage Against The Machine AND Metallica headlined R+L? Unbelievable


Look at Biffy Clyro and Slipknot all the way down the lineup. Times have changed.


19. Being a greebo was all about non-conforming


Photo: Jurek Durczak

Whilst looking exactly like a bunch of other greebos.


20. You almost certainly said "Fuck the system" without a trace of irony at least once

Great song though, tbf.


21. But now you're old, you wear chinos and eat at Pret. You are the system

trousers pret

Mmm, delicious system.


Feature: @QC_BandMerch / Rich Cooper