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21st Jan 2022

Woman who saved enough to retire by 26 reveals three golden rules she stuck to

Kieran Galpin


Who doesn’t want to retire early?

A TikTok influencer has revealed that she is set to retire at 26 – but don’t worry; she’s also shared her methodology and the three golden rules to success.

Money blogger Tori Dunlap shared three finance-boosting options during a recent TikTok video which has since received over 650k likes.

Speaking on via her account @herfirst100k, Dunlap explained: “I’m financially independent, which means I never have to work a day in my life if I don’t want to.

“Here are the three ways that I made that happen and how you can do it too: I started investing as soon as I could.”

Dunlap went on to explain that she always tells people: “that the best day to start investing is today because you didn’t wait to start tomorrow.”

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She continued: “You have time on your side, so get started investing if you haven’t, or increase your contributions if you have already started.

“The next thing I did, when I was working corporate, I negotiated my salary, every single time. I didn’t stay in a job that didn’t compensate me fairly.”

Last but not least, Dunlap supports the idea of side-hustles and in fact, her “seven-figure business” started out as just that.

“I side hustled in addition to my 9-5, which means that I was able to put away all of the extra earnings that I made,” she said.

“You should lead a Masterclass!!!” said one happy fan.

Similarly, another wrote: “You > other “financial pop stars”.”

Others wanted more information, with one person writing: “Ok but what is investing tho??? Everyone says that and then never explains what exactly that is.”

Naturally, Dunlap suggested following her as she produces dedicated content on such topics.

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