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11th Apr 2016

Snowboarder says she had no idea a bear was chasing her in video

Snow joke...or is it?

Matt Tate

A snowboarder is claiming to have taken the term ‘extreme sport’ to a whole new level, after she was “chased by a bear” while riding in Japan.

Kelly Murphy was snowboarding in Hakuba 47 Ski Resort when an inquisitive mountain-dweller apparently started pursuing her.

The video she uploaded to YouTube starts with her singing Rihanna’s “Work” in the direction of a selfie stick. So far, so your average 2016 holiday video.

But just after she starts her run, the pretty convincing-looking bear rocks up in the background and starts chasing her. We say convincing-looking, but a lot of people reckon the clip is a fake. The bear gives up before catching her, which would presumably have been the point when we got a definitive answer either way.

Kelly said she was completely oblivious of what was going on until she later reviewed the clips. She wrote on her YouTube channel: “OMG! I was going through my snowboarding videos and I found a bear chasing me!!! I nearly got eaten!!!”


The video has been viewed over 1,200 times already, though a lot of commenters have doubts about how genuine it is. Much of the cynicism seems to be about the fact that the animal in the clip looks like a brown bear, which aren’t typically found in that part of Japan.


We want to believe that it is a real bear because that’s way more fun. A real bear that just happens to be a big fan of Rihanna’s newest material.