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25th Apr 2018

Snapchat issue warning over fake messages being sent on their app

Alan Loughnane

Don’t be caught out by fake Snapchat messages…

Snapchat have warned users not to be fooled by fake messages and screenshots that are doing the rounds.

It looks like no social media platform is safe from fake news after screenshots of messages were circulating with users saying that Snapchat would be deleting all the saved pictures, known in Snapchat as “Memories,” of users who didn’t share the image with all their friends.

The official Snapchat Twitter account rubbished these messages as fake news.

“We’re aware of a screenshot going around with a rumor about your Memories – don’t worry! This is fake news,” Snapchat wrote on Twitter.

Snapchat declined to comment any further on the matter when contacted by JOE on Wednesday.

However, screenshots of the messages were posted to Twitter and users noted that the message was filled with typos which should be an indication that the message is a hoax.