'Slayer meets Hurricane guy' travels 300 miles to headbang against Florence 3 years ago

'Slayer meets Hurricane guy' travels 300 miles to headbang against Florence

No surrender to the storms

Lane Pittman, the topless US-flag waver who went viral after headbanging against Hurricane Matthew, has returned to take on Hurricane Florence.


This time around Pittman travelled to Mrtyle Beach, South Carolina, which along with areas in North Carolina and Virginia, is currently being battered by Hurricane Florence. Winds have reached up to 85mph, but being the man he is, that didn't stop him rocking out to Slayer.

The trip was paid for via a GoFundMe which provided him with the travel money he required. On the online fundraiser, he wrote: "Pay for my gas/coffee and I'll go fight Hurricane Florence. MERICA BABY!!! We stick together."

Watch how it unfolded in full here...

As you can probably imagine users on social media were loving Pittman's return.


One wrote: "Once a fluke Twice a start. Third time, you are now legend. In future times, they will speak of the strange man who stared down at the face of hurricanes."

Another added:  "You need to tour the country."




He's not the first person to go viral for taking on the storm.

Earlier today a clip emerged that appeared to show a weatherman pretending to struggle against the winds, only for him to be shown up by two men who casually strolled past in the background of the broadcast.