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24th Jan 2020

Rent wars: London studio flat or seaside town house?

Fran Golinski Drinkwater

Rent, what a concept

Unless you were child royalty or came into wealth at an early age, it’s likely that you have rented accommodation at some point in your adult life. And if you have rented accommodation, then you’ve more than likely lived in some utter shit holes at one time or another.

For many who are part of what has been dubbed Generation Rent, the very concept of home ownership is a pipe dream – and for those renting in London, house prices are so high that many can’t save the money for a deposit.

We caught up with Matt, who pays £,1200 per month for a small flat in London. Gabby, meanwhile, moved out of London when her landlord tried to nearly double her rent, and now rents a seaside townhouse for much less than she was paying before.

Who’s getting the better deal?