'You're disgusting': Prince William roars at photographer who was 'stalking' his family 1 month ago

'You're disgusting': Prince William roars at photographer who was 'stalking' his family

"You're outrageous. You're disgusting"

A video of Prince William confronting a photographer who he claimed was "stalking" his family has been leaked online.


The dad-of-three was on a family bike ride on a Saturday morning when he noticed the man following him. The Duke of Cambridge was accompanied by the Duchess, Kate Middleton and their three young children.

In the now-viral video - thought to have been recorded in January last year - Prince William can be seen shouting at the man, who insists the paparazzo was "out here looking for [them]" - a suggestion which the photographer denies.

During the altercation, William accuses him of stalking his young children and labels him "disgusting".


"You came out here looking for us", he continues as Kate can be heard interjecting, "You drove past our house, I saw you."

"How dare you behave like you've done with my children. How dare you," William added.

"You were stalking around, you were looking for us and our children. I'm out for a quiet bike ride with my children on a Saturday and you won't even give me your name."

The Duke concludes the exchange by saying, "You're outrageous. You're disgusting. You really are. How dare you behave like that. You knew exactly what you were doing. I thought you guys had learned by now."


Noting that the experience had ruined their family day, William can be seen contacting his security to inform them about the incident, which was later escalated.

Kensington Palace has since responded to the video and said the photographer was breaching the family's privacy and the Telegraph understands staff have been attempting to get the video removed. The footage is no longer available on the original poster’s YouTube channel.

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