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20th Jun 2022

Prince Andrew is facing yet another legal battle over Jeffrey Epstein claims

Kieran Galpin

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Andrew recently asked for his royal status to be ‘reinstated, recognised and respected’

Prince Andrew is set to face more legal challenges after an alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein issued an allegation that the Duke was in the house at the time of her assault.

Caroline Kaufman was 17 when she was invited to Jeffrey Epstein’s house under the guise of a “modelling interview.” Despite Andrew previously stating he witnessed no wrongdoing, Kaufman’s legal representatives allege that the 62-year-old royal was in the house while she claimed she was raped in a massage room.

Attorney Spencer Kuvin is now seeking a statement from Andrew about the evening at Epstein’s Upper East Side townhouse in December 2010. The lawsuit does not accuse Andrew of any wrongdoing.

In his now-infamous Newsnight interview from 2019, Andrew claimed that he had visited Epstein to cut ties after his prostitution conviction two years prior.

“I never saw them,” he said, commenting on the girls present while also admitting that he should never have gone there.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Kuvin said: “We are looking into serving Prince Andrew. We’d get a subpoena issued here in the States which is brought over to England and localised, then we would have to locate him and have him served. He should be a fairly easy target to locate.”

Andrew’s previous claims of fighting “against the evils of sex trafficking” could mean he cooperates fully with the investigation.

Should he want to regain his royal duties, as he recently asked his mum, Andrew would no doubt need to rehabilitate his image first. Cooperation with legal matters could very well be part of that.

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