Police hunting man who rings doorbell at the same time every week 4 months ago

Police hunting man who rings doorbell at the same time every week

The man's identity is still not known

Police are hunting for a man who's been repeatedly ringing people's doorbell's for no reason and then running away.


Officers in Gloucester have shared CCTV images of the unidentified man from one of his cherry knocking visits on London Road, Stroud, Gloucester.

Doorbell The man in question/Via SWNS

The gent has been ringing the bell between 2 am, and 4 am at least three times a month, and some nights even comes back for seconds. It's also believed that it tends to be a Thursday when the early hour knocker returns for a second time.

"This is causing a lot of alarm and distress to the victim," said PCSO Wood. "If you recognise this person please contact us on 101 and reference incident number 0484 - 13/01/2022."

A community alert reads: "The resident is too frightened to answer the door and too frightened to sleep and hopes that they will just go away.

"We are seeking information from residents who might see anyone which is out of the ordinary and acting suspicious, a description, direction of travel and if they are using a car."


Strangely, someone in Leicestershire caught a bloke farting in front of the house's doorbell camera. The video shows the man staring directly into the camera with a straight face before tooting, smiling, nodding and walking away.

The resident said: "This man keeps going to my Ring doorbell and farting and it's really unpleasant. Please own up."

But the community found the situation too funny to take seriously, with one saying: "Funniest thing on Spotted [Wigston] for ages. We need more farting Ring videos."

Another commented: "It's like the phantom raspberry blower from The Two Ronnies lol."


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