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22nd Oct 2021

Pizza Hut customer outraged over ‘sexual’ ketchup label that reads ‘shake, squeeze and squirt’

Kieran Galpin


A saucy situation!

A Pizza Hut customer was left enraged over a ketchup bottle’s choice in slogans after he read ‘Shake, squeeze and squirt’ printed on the front of the condiment.

For 31-year-old Adrian Shann, the label sounded more like “an app for swingers” than sauce marketing. Eating at a restaurant in Hull, he branded the slogan as “awful”, particularly for families.

“It’s not innocent in my eyes,” Shann told Hull Live.

“It literally sounds like an app for swingers. I do not understand how someone could put that sentence together, it’s awful.

“The barbecue sauce one said ‘Squeeze’ but the ketchup one said that, it put me off using it.

“It is because of the chain’s marketing aimed at children that I am worried.

“If I had my niece with me, I would be worried. It’s definitely not appropriate.”


He claims he saw adults chuckling at a nearby table before having to give awkward responses to their kids.

In other food news, Sainsbury’s won’t be seeing fireworks this year but they will be selling pigs in blanket sushi.

The sushi will launch nationwide on November 1 and will be just £3, which is a little more expensive than their other sushi selection.

If you are feeling fancy this Crimbo, then perhaps opt for the crab and lemon mousse pot alongside your sushi – or is that too much fish?

Even better, live like a king and get a ready-to-eat whole lobster for only £12 – bargain!

“@Sainsburys has officially jumped the shark. Or the pig” one Twitter user said.

But not everyone is disgusted by this Christmas addition, with one person writing, “Must try this”.

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