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23rd Oct 2015

Pastor faces multi-million pound fraud conviction…for funding wife’s rap career

Tom Victor

Music and religion have gone hand in hand together for centuries.

From Gregorian chanting in the mediaeval era all the way through to P.O.D in the late-90s, religion has been used as an excuse for some of the world’s most objectively terrible sounds.

But now, perhaps taking a leaf out of the Rapping Rabbis’ book, a Singaporean pastor has got himself in trouble as a result of efforts to spread the word of God through song.

Kong Hee, the founder of a mega-church in the Asian country, is one of six individuals convicted of a £23m fraud operation used to fund his wife’s rap career.

While Hee’s wife Sun Ho has a name befitting some of the genre’s oft-criticised lyrics, it didn’t make for a successful foray into hip-hop.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Ho – who has not been charged with any wrongdoing – appeared in music videos with model Tyson Beckford and former Fugees member Wyclef Jean.

But hey, just cause she dances go-go, that don’t make her a…oh, right.