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06th Oct 2021

Parents slam ‘bone idle chavs’ for doing the school run in their PJs

Kieran Galpin


Do NOT wear your dressing gown in front of these parents

Parents and readers of Stoke on Trent Live have slammed the “bone idle chavs” that wear pyjamas on the school run or whilst visiting the local shops.

Parents on the school run are often seen clad in dressing gowns or pyjama pants but other mum and dads are apparently not having it.

The debate was started after a headteacher recently wrote a Facebook post demanding that parents wear the proper attire while dropping their kids off at school.

“Dressing gowns on the school yard are not appropriate,” said the disgruntled headteacher.

Readers slammed the parents and called them lazy with others outright suggesting that it is bad to show up to school without getting dressed first.

Tracy Corrigan wrote: “As a working mum of two boys and on my own who rushes round like a nut every school morning to get everyone up out and ready, never once in my six years of school runs have I ever been late or gone in PJs. It’s just laziness. And no example to teach kids. Get up in the morning, make your bed, and get dressed. It’s not difficult.”

Parent Shaun Myatt said: “It’s one of my pet hates, seeing people out and about in their night wear. Absolute lazy scummy thing to do. If you can’t make the effort to put your fake tracksuit and dishevelled Ugg boots on, your children unfortunately are at a massive disadvantage in life.”

Elaine Clayton went as far as to use the phrasing “In walks a lady, I use the term loosely,” whilst describing one such incident.

Before long, parents began comparing their lives to that of other commenters, stating how they used to work two jobs and still found the time to get dressed in the morning.

It was Sara Brookshaw who emerged as the voice of reason, saying: “I actually don’t see what the problem is about it. If you’re a single parent with multiple kids and trying to get them up dressed and sorted for school. Most parents have children that play up.

“They try to sort their kids out before themselves and sometimes time isn’t on their side so they have to rush out with what they’re wearing. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy being in a dressing gown. Maybe some parents would rather their kids be on time than risk them being late. You’ve just got to understand people’s life rather than just assume they’re lazy and have no respect for themselves.”

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