Another Nando's menu favourite has hit the supermarket shelves 5 years ago

Another Nando's menu favourite has hit the supermarket shelves

Nando-fying our food when at home is nothing new.

We've had the luxury of smothering our home-cooked chicken in their peri-peri or lemon and herb sauces for a good few months now, but now there's another option for those of us that can't be arsed leaving the comfort of their own home to grab their Nando's fix.


Instead, they can stock their kitchen cupboards with the very sane Peri-Peri-blended mayonnaise they've learned to love when dunking their chips in it when enjoying themselves a Nando's.

Squeezy bottles full of Perinaise are now on the shelves of supermarkets up and down the land, including ASDA, Sainsbury's and Tesco stores, as well as delivery service Ocado - news that has brought joy to many up and down the land.


Whatever you do, just make sure you eat in moderation and not all at once.

But if you're worried about that, we have a guide on how to eat clean at Nando's and not wreck your diet.

These beauties are a decent place to start.


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