Mysterious 'Stonehenge of fridges' appears in Kent 6 years ago

Mysterious 'Stonehenge of fridges' appears in Kent

Stonehenge is a popular destination for the Summer Solstice, but a pair of pranksters in Kent decided to create their own version closer to home.

An uncanny (if much brighter) replica emerged in a car park in Maidstone, made up of about 30 fridge, with many residents having no idea where it came from.


Often in these situations you're best off looking in the most obvious place for answers, and true to form, the owner of a white goods store has claimed credit.

Kevin Wildeman, 53, told the Kent Messenger: "I thought it would be a good idea given the solstice was coming, so I went out at 3am and built it using about 30 fridges lying around in the yard."

Clearly Kevin, who set up 'Fridgehenge' with colleague Paul Stone, wasn't worried about a frosty reception.