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11th Nov 2023

‘My son vomited as I was scanning groceries and I was made to clean it myself’

Joseph Loftus

‘You have to clean it up’

A mum has split the internet in half after claiming that a supermarket worker made her clean up her own son’s vomit after he chucked up all over himself at the self-checkout.

The woman, who shared her story on social media, said that she was a checkout in Woolworths with her children when her two-year-old son suddenly felt sick and proceeded to vomit all over himself and the floor.

The mum, who claims she first tried to make her child feel better, apologised to the supermarket staff who witnessed the messy ordeal.

However, she claims she was then shocked when staff insisted that she had to clean up her son’s vomit herself.

The mum said that she had to take care of her two children while cleaning up the sick before having to scan her groceries again, all the while her two-year-old was standing there covered in his own puke.

The mum explained: “I started to get really frustrated and flustered (I wasn’t rude or anything like that), after I settled my son I apologised to staff for having to get someone to clean up, and the worker turned to me and said ‘no, you have to clean it up’.

“My son was being a real handful the whole time, and we were so close to the front entrance that opened up to a busy road.

“I started to clean, and the employee told a worker to stand over me to make sure I cleaned it up, meanwhile my son was trying so hard to run out to see cars.”

Naturally, opinion is massively divided with some saying that the supermarket workers were right to order her to clean up her son’s vomit, while others believe it was the worker’s responsibility.

Whose side are you on?

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