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01st Nov 2021

Mum gives birth to one heaviest babies in UK that weighs the same as a bowling ball

Kieran Galpin


Only days old and already a national celeb

The world loves big babies and this baby – which also weighs the same as a bowling ball – is so big that it took two midwives to pull him out.

On Thursday October 28, 31-year-old Cherral Mitchell gave birth to her 14lb 15oz baby called Alpha. He has ranked at the third heaviest newborn in the UK, with the top spot weighing in at a staggering 15lb 8oz.


Cherral, who resides in Thame, Oxfordshire, has nicknamed her baby boy ‘Butter Bean’, which is perhaps a little cuter than the nickname her uncle has chosen for him – ‘Baby Hippo’.

Alpha was certainly a surprise for Cherral and her 35-year-old husband Tyson, as she had the coil which should statistically prevent pregnancy.

“We didn’t think he was going to be that big,” said the new mother.


“Everyone kept laughing when his head came out. My husband Tyson was like “oh my God he’s chunky.”

The mother of four continued: “The nurses said it had to be the biggest baby and were on their phones Googling. He’s a bit of a pumpkin baby with it being so close to Halloween.”

Doctors believe that Alpha’s size could be because he was snacking on Cherral’s sugary fluids while in the womb which – if you ask us – was just the baby getting ready for Halloween.

His mum explained: “They think that because I was diagnosed quite late with gestational diabetes, Alpha was in amniotic fluid that was sweeter.


“So he was drinking a lot and peeing a lot and getting a high intake of sugar.”

Though Alpha was estimated to weigh 11lb 1oz at his 37-week scan, the true overachiever gained three pounds the week before he was born through C-section at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Cherral continued: “My stomach was big but not that massive so I don’t know where he was hiding.

“I keep saying I gave birth to a baby butter bean. My uncle Jason calls him a baby hippo.”

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