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02nd Aug 2023

Mum gets revenge on plane passenger who refused to let her sit with her kids

Charlie Herbert

Mum gets revenge on plane passenger who refused to let her sit with her kids

People were left divided by her behaviour

A mum has told of the way she decided to get revenge on a woman who refused to let her sit with her kids on a flight.

There seems to be plenty of debate on social media at the moment over when it is and isn’t appropriate to let someone sit in the seat you have been assigned on a plane.

You’d think it’s pretty simple: sit in the seat you’ve paid for.

But sometimes, you’ve got to realise when swapping seats with someone is actually for the best, such as this incident involving a mum and her two young kids.

In a post on TikTok, comedian Cindy Arena explained how she asked a woman on a flight if it would be alright if she swapped seats with her so that she could sit with her children, aged four and six.

The woman wasn’t having it though, and refused to move for Arena.


So, the mum said she was happy to sit in the seat on her ticket, and went to the back of the plane to her allocated seat.

“I said ‘okay no problem I’m not going to argue’ and I went to the back of the plane and sat in my assigned seat because she wouldn’t give hers up,” Arena said in the video.

It wasn’t too long before the other woman realised the gravity of her mistake, and that she had just voluntarily chosen to spend a flight next to two young kids without their mum.

Arena continued: “It was so peaceful and finally the stewardess comes up because I know she’s coming because this b**ch is sitting next to my kids and there’s nothing fun about that.”

Her response when the stewardess informed her that the woman would now like to swap seats? “Oh no, no we need to stay in our assigned seats, have a good flight!”

The post has been liked more than 77,000 times and racked up 1.5 million views on TikTok.

Whilst some in the comments loved the way Arena dealt with the situation, plenty of others questioned why the mum hadn’t booked seats together for her and her kids in the first place

Many argued it was her responsibility to book a seat next to her kids, adding that they wouldn’t have moved for the mum.

One commented: “You definitely are responsible for booking your seats together, that is not the other person’s problem.”

Another said: “I’m laying my head on my window seat with my noise cancelling headphones – not my problem.”

A third wrote: “As a mom of 2 kids, I pay to make sure we sit together. Lack of planning does not excuse this.”


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