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13th Apr 2022

Man gets 2kg dumbbell stuck in his bum – doctors forced to pull 20cm weight out by hand

Charlie Herbert

He waited two days before seeking medical attention

A surgeon had to use their ‘forearm’ to ‘manually extract’ a 2kg dumbbell from a man’s anus after he had got it stuck in his rectum.

The unidentified 54-year-old Brazilian man turned up at a hospital in Manaus complaining of abdominal pain, nausea and being unable to defecate.

After an initial examination struggled to find the cause  – and the man being reluctant to reveal what he surely knew was causing his suffering – doctors ordered an X-ray of his abdomen, noting that the man had been ‘uncooperative’ during the physical examination.

All was then revealed,

The X-rays revealed a 2kg dumbbell, about 20cm long, which was lodged where the colon meets the rectum.

X-rays revealed the cause of the man’s discomfort (International Journal of Surgery Case Reports)

Doctors sedated the man and tried to remove the weight using surgical tweezers, but were unsuccessful.

With no other option, the team decided to perform a ‘manual extraction’, which involved one unfortunate surgeon using his ‘forearm’ to remove the dumbbell.

Doctors were unsuccessful in their attempts to remove the dumbbell, which is pictured here next to some 24cm long forceps for comparison (International Journal of Surgery Case Reports)

The case appeared in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, and was described as being fraught with ‘difficulties.’

But it was a success in the end, with the man being discharged from hospital three days later.

Doctors noted that the majority of patients reporting items stuck up their bottom were men, by a ratio of 28:1 to females.

They said that ‘sexual gratification’ was usually the ‘greatest motivation.’

Whilst on this occasion the man is not expected to suffer any long-term complications, the authors of the report pointed out that other cases have resulted in internal injuries and faecal incontinence.

Although this is undoubtedly a pretty unique case, there are weirder things that have been found up people’s bottoms by doctors – such as a World War Two artillery shell for example…

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