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30th May 2023

Man divides internet after confronting homeless man who bullied him in school

Charlie Herbert

Man divides internet after confronting homeless man who bullied him in school

Many were angered by the video

A man has divided opinion after he filmed himself confronting a homeless man who bullied him when they were at school together.

In the clip, the man holding the camera walks up to a homeless man and says: “At high school, you was the man. What the f**k happened to you?”

He continued: “Remember when you used to flex on me at high school? Because I used to wear baggy clothes?”

“Look at you, and look at me,” he says before panning the camera to his car.

When the homeless man offers a handshake, he responds: “I’m not shaking your hand!”

He then tells his former bully to “tighten the f**k up” and kicks his shoes over.

The video divided opinion in the comments.

Several reckoned the video was the perfect example of karma playing out.

One wrote: “Karma always runs its course.”

Another said: “Karma works in mysterious ways.”

Someone else said they understood why the man did what he did, but had sympathy with the former bully, explaining: “Most bullies come from broken/abused backgrounds that come with a lot of mental baggage and sometimes turn to drug abuse which leads them down this road.

“But I get why the guy approached him like that.”

The majority of those in the comments didn’t agree with the man’s actions though, and suggested that he was no better than the guy who used to bully him.

One person labelled it a “painful watch,” writing: “Kicking a man when hes down at his lowest point in his like is such a L move.

“The man extended his hand, be a bigger man, help him by setting an example to aspire to. This was not satisfying, this was painful to watch.”

Another said: “Be better than the bully from your yesterday by helping those in need from your today because your tomorrow is unknown.”

A third commented that the man who filmed the video “has more issues than the ex-bully.”

Someone else simply described the video as “gross,” and another said: “Helping him would’ve been the greatest revenge.”

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